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Hewland Classic Limited Now Trading - PRESS RELEASE

Motorsport transmission specialist Hewland Engineering Limited have announced the commencement of trading of Hewland Classic Limited.

The new company, owned by Peter Smith of PDS Racing, operates through a long-term licensing partnership with Hewland Engineering to provide support for the ever-growing demand for Hewland products within the historic racing market.

Hewland Classic now caters for all H-Gate transmission designs produced prior to 1990, including the celebrated FT, DG, MK5 / MK8, LD, and VG variants that have become the de-facto transmission choice for classic and historic racing events throughout the world.

The news marks a new era for Hewland Engineering, enabling the firm to concentrate its efforts on strengthening an already vastly successful catalogue range of transmissions, while supporting an unprecedented demand for its design consultancy, and bespoke product services.

Hewland continues to push forward to this end. Having recently achieved a perfect 100/100 Experian credit rating, the firm has invested heavily in new people and machinery with a view to ensuring that even the highest expectations of its valued clients are exceeded.

William Hewland, chairman of Hewland Engineering states: “We are delighted to announce the official launch of Hewland Classic Limited. PDS Racing brings a wealth of experience to the Hewland family, which will ensure that our valuable classic gearbox customers receive the same excellent level of service and support as those running our more modern products.”

Any questions relating to the Hewland Classic range should now be directed to the details below.
Email: sales@hewlandclassic.com Tel: 01977 615 455 Fax: 01977 614 399

About Hewland Engineering:

Hewland provides bespoke transmission solutions to some of the world’s leading motorsport firms, vehicles and series, including supply to the DTM, GT500, GP2, GP3, GT, LMP, Rally and Formula E market segments. In addition to complete solutions, Hewland promotes its precision-engineering capabilities in aviation, OEM road-car, and Formula One, while specialising in advanced research and development consultancy services to the electric vehicle sector.